The product, Poco Casa, originally known as flexiPlaypen was first introduced at an exhibition held at BMICH in 2008. Since then we had a steady growth of demand for the product. Some of our customers gave valuable feedbacks, after using the product for several months. Based on their needs we introduced some attachments, such as, paddings on the framework for greater safety and hand railing to help child to get up or learn to walk.

Our customers happen to be mostly, doctors, engineers, other professionals and businessmen who have a busy life style and our product certainly helped them to make their lifestyle simpler and healthier. We learned how well this product had helped them in their day-to-day life, from the following remarks some of them have made when they came back for the second or third time to buy a product for their friend’s or family member’s baby.

  1. A busy working mother: “ This has been my lifeline. Without it, I do not know what I would have done.”
  2. A housewife & mother: “I have now some peace of mind. ‘It is the safest playpen I have ever seen”.
  3. Mother of two kids “It is simply the best thing, that happened to me after my experience with the first baby”.
  4. “I spent most of my day with the baby inside the playpen, playing, talking and, even sleeping. If not for that, I would be handling the baby most day (for fear of possible risks) and would be terribly tied at the end of the day. I want to buy this as a gift to my sister.
  5. Buying the second product. “My child is still using the playpen, although he is 3 years old. It is now his play place and I like to give him for his birthday a present, a play-house to attach to it.
  6. An email “ Your playpen was gifted to me when my son was beginning to crawl. We found it very useful, colorful, light-weighted and easily portable and we took it with us when we left Sri Lanka. It is also much safer than a wooded one where a toddler can fall and hurt him/her self.
  7. Baby-sitter. ‘Within a few days of having it, he started to walk and explore. He is very active and not troublesome at all.
  8. “Since he got his toy-box and play-house he has learned to be orderly and learning fast and happier”.
  9. “I have joined 2 playpens together covering a large space and attached a toy-box and a draw-board. We can even sleep there and watch the TV while baby is doing his own thing”

Eighty percent or more buyers of Poco Casa have come to buy the product because of the recommendation they received from their friends or associates and, in fact, so far 3 of them have become our marketing agents and distributors in 3 countries and, we know, more customers abroad will apply to become marketing agents in several other countries in time to come.