“The little safe house for the little people in your home”

PocoCasa “Little House” is a safe space you can create in your home that your baby or toddler can call his/her own and grow up safely in for the first precious years of their childhood. PocoCasa, unlike other playpens is spacious and its patented design means you can arrange it to fit the space and shape constraints of your house. In the basic 6 frame form, even mother can join baby at play and even go to sleep with baby close without worrying if baby will fall off the corner of a bed.

“A learning and growing house”

PocoCasa has a visually stimulating and modular design and as the toddler grows you can add special frames such as a play house, a toy box, a whiteboard, a desk, a “standup” frame. These are all designed to stimulate the mind, teach physical skills that will help them with their physical and mental growth

“An invaluable tool for the busy parents of today”

Someone still should keep one eye on baby though, however the baby sitting job is made much easier for not only parents but grand parents as well, with features like the granny gate. An invaluable tool for any busy parent, baby sitter or aging grandparents.

A flexible and mobile house”

Though spacious, PocoCasa is designed to be collapsible and portable which includes the specially designed mattress. You can fold it up and put it in the boot of your car and take it anywhere with you to create a safe space for baby during a vacation. Put it on the grass, put it in the sand or reposition it quickly anywhere around your house. PocoCasa is made of materials that are washable and dries fast.

“Safety first”

The playpen’s flexible plastic and special structure also means it is can better absorb shock should the baby fall and is safer to baby than other harder material based playpen alternatives. All components have been safety tested for flammability, mechanical defects and toxicity at international standards. For added safety we also provide padding for the corners. In addition to help keep baby safe from mosquitoes and insects, you can also add specially designed mosquito net frame that still maintains a sense of space, needed to keep the baby physiologically happy being in the playpen.

A tried and tested product with 100% customer satisfaction rate

“We wish your child grows up happily and safely”

You can find PocoCasa (or flexiPlaypen) in many outlets in Colombo and Kandy. For more information please call 2575352 during work hours or visit our showroom in Colombo 3 for a demonstration. International clients can visit our website at www.pococasa.com or email info@pococasa.com