Our Company Eco Logia Limited was set up for introducing and promoting ‘innovations for simple and healthy lifestyle’ for our customers by eco-friendly use of material and production methods. This is our mission. In view of this mission,  we introduce our first product to improve the lifestyle of babies and families and obtained a national and international patent registration. (There were only 2 Sri Lankan firms who obtained an international patent in that year.)

The product is a modular form of flexible, safe and expandable enclosure for babies and todlers. It comes with optional add-ons to meet the changing needs of a baby and to create an atmosphere conducive to baby’s early learning and growth while, at the same time, helping parents and baby-sitter. The modularity of the product is aimed at making this initially simple enclosure for a baby to ‘grow’ with the baby by adding different, but optional modules, such as a play-house, toy-chest, desk-c-cushion, draw-board, and so on, as and when required.

In manufacturing the product we adhere to eco-friendly use of raw material. No wooden or metallic parts are used and, where possible, we reduce waste and use recyclable and recycled material, such as plastics which are a by-product of petroleum. Our business model too is eco-friendly. The manufacture of products is home-based. And we set up and cause to set up small workshops next to family homes, train workers to produce various components with minimum use of energy. Consequently, there is a substantial saving of time and costs, including transportation and large scale machine operation costs.

According to an assessment by US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Agency, of carbon dioxide emissions, a bus trip cost, on the average, 0.18 lbs CO2 per passenger per mile and a train trip costs 0.35 lb/mile/passenger. Accordingly, our business model of home-based production will save, approximately, 1800 lbs of CO2 for every 100 playpens produced, by preventing bus travels. This will be twice as much, if the employees would have to commute by train. 

In accordance with our Company mission, we are planning to look into the possibilities of harnessing renewable and alternative fuel, such as, biomass Ethanol and wind power which are ideal for home-based industry compared to mass production in a centralized large factory. The small size of each production unit also facilitates re-use of excess and otherwise wasteful material such as fabric cut-pieces into production of optional add-on, such as, baby cushion, which would be uneconomical in a large-scale production unit.

In short. our production is directly related to operations involving eco-friendly use of resources and replacement of widely used wooden and metallic playpens in the market and we are committed to continue eco-friendly use of renewable resources and eco-friendly manner of production to reduce CO2 emission in years to come.